Can a lash serum grow your brows


The perfect brow doesn't exi........Wait!

Most of us have all been in a situation before, whether it's that 90's over plucking thin brow trend thats come back around to bite you or an accidental singe, or maybe even a shaving prank! Somehow we always seem to be striving for that perfect brow. Makeup enthusiasts know that the right brow can transform and enhance your face in an instant.  

Eyelash Serum

The good news is, YES... the Lashgro eyelash growth serum can be used on your eyebrows. In fact, many lash serums are formulated to work on both eyelashes and brows, as the hair on both areas is similar in texture and composition. Generally the only difference is the applicator tip supplied with the serum.

So how does this magical lash growth serum work to grow your eyebrow hairs too? The active ingredients in Lashgro's lash serum that promotes hair growth and nourish hair follicles can also benefit eyebrow hairs, helping to make them appear thicker, fuller, and more defined. The Lashgro lash serum formula is safe for use on the delicate skin around the eye area and on the thicker skin of the eyebrows.

When using your lash serum on your eyebrows, it's important to avoid getting the product in your eyes. Use a small, angled brush or the applicator provided to apply the serum precisely to your eyebrows, ensuring that each hair is coated with the product. With consistent use over time, you may notice that your eyebrows appear thicker and more defined, similar to the effects seen with lash growth.

Your perfect brow awaits....!

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