Best Lash Serum Beauty Award Winner


Multi-award winning lash serum from Lashgro

WOW! We are so excited to announce that your favourite eyelash growth serum formula has won TWO beauty awards. YAYY!!!

About the LUXlife awards...

The LUXlife awards honour the extraordinary achievements of those shaping the luxury industry. These prestigious awards are a testament to the relentless pursuit of brilliance, recognising those who are shining with excellence.

Meet the LUXlife awards team...

Luxlife Awards Team
(Image source: LUXlife Magazine)

This dedicated group of professionals upholds the integrity and prestige of our recognition program, ensuring that each honouree is selected for their indelible impact on the world of luxury and their commitment to excellence.

Lashgro's Eyelash Growth Serum has won two categories:

1. Best Specialist Vegan Beauty Product 2023 - Winner, Lashgro Australia

The Global Vegan Awards 2023 shine a light on the industrious companies that are revolutionising the vegan market encouraging a fairer and greener way of life. Through innovation, these brands are pioneering a new future for international consumer spending. 

2. Best Health, Beauty & Wellness Product 2024 - Winner, Lashgro Australia

The Health, Beauty, and Wellness Awards 2024 showcase the top-performing companies that are tirelessly striving for customer satisfaction and driving industry expansion. With such massive success and growth, it's only fitting to applaud the companies that are pushing the industries to new horizons and setting new standards of excellence. So, let's celebrate and recognise these outstanding companies for their remarkable achievements.

See more of LUXlife award winners on the LUXlife Magazine Website.

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