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Mascara Duo Bundle

Mascara Duo Bundle

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Coat your lashes with ease. The innovative silicone beauty tool and Lengthen & Gro Mascara are the perfect duo to help you achieve a flawless eye makeup application with every use.

The Eye Shield Makeup Tool protects eyes from mascara transfer, helps to apply a strong winged liner or can even sculpt and soften the blend of eyeshadow. This super convenient beauty tool eliminates the need for last-minute touch-ups and will save you from wishing you had an “undo” button when mistakes happen during your makeup application.

The dual–arch Eye Shield features two distinct arches designed to suit all eye shapes and sizes. Acting as a protective shield when used over your eyelids, this tool ensures a flawless makeup application and helps to avoid any unwanted make-up transfers onto other areas of your face or even clothes, giving you the confidence to experiment with different makeup styles. It is also easy to wipe clean or wash with soap and water, ready to be used again and again.

The Lengthen & Gro Mascara is a powerful acceleration mascara infused with our eyelash growth serum formula. It has 4D fibres to help enhance the length, curl and volume on your lashes instantly while also hydrating and conditioning them for future growth. Our mascara is a water-based smudge proof mascara to last all day and night.

Apply your Lengthen & Gro Mascara with the innovative eye makeup beauty tool to eliminate transfer to your skin when applying the mascara. The easy to clean silicone beauty tool can help you apply your mascara with minimal transfer making this the perfect duo.


  1. Used as a shield when applying eyeshadow to reduce shadow transfer
  2. Acts as a shield over eyelids when applying mascara on top and bottom to stop transfer
  3. Silicone material and easy to clean
  4. Great template for eyeliner/whinged eyeline and lip liner
  5. Arches in two different sizes to suit all eye shapes
  6. End of tool can be used to apply face creams


  1. Vegan & Cruelty-free
  2. All natural & hormone free
  3. Growth serum infused
  4. Enhancing 4D Fibres for instant length and thickness
  5. Smudge-proof
  6. Safe for sensitive skin
  7. Has Hyaluronic Acid to prevent dry eyes

Size: 6ml


Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrating properties known to help prevent dry eyes and promote eye health with nourishing peptides for longer and fuller lashes.

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 stimulates keratin production in lashes and increases the rate of hair growth.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Full of antioxidants and minerals to prevents hair falling out and keep your eyelashes looking lush and full.

Vitamin E

An essential vitamin for healthy lashes. Prevents damage caused by overly drying mascaras and rough makeup removal.

See the full ingredient list in FAQ's.


Starting with clean and dry lashes, centre the arch of the eye shield just above your lash line on your eyelid, wiggle the mascara comb from the root of your lashes to the tip in a zig zag like motion against the eye shield.

Repeat for top and base lashes with eye shield, brushing lashes with the mascara wand until you have the desired coverage, volume and length.



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Remove all makeup or creams from your eyelids and eyes. Apply the lash serum to the roots of your lash line from one side to the other in one continuous motion. Apply once a day before bed. Allow 90 seconds for serum to dry and avoid contact with the eye. Do not use more than once a day, using more frequently will not make the lashes grow longer or thicker than if used once a day.

Yes, You can use the Eyelash Growth Serum with lash extensions, however, please wait 2 days after having your extensions applied, to ensure the glue has dried properly. Remember to apply the product to your eyelid skin and not your actual lashes. By applying the Lash Serum everyday, the vitamins will help strengthen and lengthen your own lashes to create a support structure to attach the extensions to, all whilst protecting your own lashes from the glue and weight of the extensions.

Start seeing your results around 4 weeks. You should have full results in around 12 weeks of use. After 12 weeks, maintain your lashes by using at least 3 times a week. Remember good lashes come to those who wait. Be consistent with your application and you won't be disappointed.

The Eyelash Growth Serum is a 100% all natural ingredient serum. The Fibre Lash Mascara does contain some of the Eyelash Growth Serum. Please see the full ingredient list and check with your Doctor for confirmation.

The Eyelash Growth Serum is made with 100% natural ingredients and is a low irritant, hypo-allergenic serum. Some of our clients do wear contacts and have not experienced any problems. For extra precaution, remove your contacts before applying your lash serum and going to sleep.

The Lashgro eyelash serum is designed to help repair and strengthen your natural lashes making them healthier and thicker. The all natural vitamins and minerals in the serum will assist with your lash renewal cycle and contribute to make them longer, fuller and shinier.

Yes. We are based in Queensland, Australia. Standard shipping is FREE with any purchase over $50AUD for Australia & New Zealand residents. For orders under $50AUD, it is a flat rate of $8AUD for standard shipping with express shipping as an additional option. If your are located International, see our shipping and delivery information for estimated times and costs.

Yes. We do accept returns and offer refunds. For more information see our refund policy.

Yes. Follow the steps in our Eyelash Growth Guarantee Policy to be eligible to receive a refund after using your eyelash growth serum for 12 weeks. For more information on the Lash Growth Guarantee, please see LASH GROWTH GUARANTEE.

Yes. You may use the lash serum on your lower lashes as long as you avoid any serum spilling into your eyes.

Yes. You may use the Eyelash Growth Serum more than once a day although please note this will not accelerate the process of your lash growth. It is best to apply the serum once within a 24hr period for maximum benefits and avoid wasting your serum. 

Yes. Our Fibre Lash Mascara is infused with our lash growth formula to help keep your lashes strong and healthy and assist with natural lash growth.

The Fibre Lash Mascara is waterproof. To remove, wet your lashes with warm water and and oil based cleanser if you have one.

A strong stainless steel matte white frame with silicone comb attachment.

1. Start with clean, make-up free and dry lashes. 2. Open the eyelash curler and place the silicone comb over your upper lashes placing the curler slightly away from your lash line and then clamp the curler together and hold for a few seconds. 3. Open and release the curler from your lashes before removing the eyelash curler to avoid any pulling or tugging.


Purified Water, Hyaluronate, Pentylene Glycol, Korean Ginseng, Swertia Japonica, Pumpkin Seed, Muskrat Root, Vitamin B5, Saw Palmetto, Peptides (naturally extracted from plants), Vitamin E, Vitamin B7.

Purified Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Black Iron Oxide, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Pumpkin Seed, Peptides (naturally extracted from plants), Amino Acids, Korean Ginseng, Swertia Japonica, Muskrat Root, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin E.

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This product is simply brilliant. Besides being very cost effective, the product delivers in its benefits and outcomes. The mascara glides on so easily and is very luxurious in its content. The glide applicator is best little gadget I’ve ever used.
Don’t hesitate with your purchase. I’m loving mine.